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At Maven, we ensure that you are fully capitalising on all the UK tax incentives available to you as a director through collaboration with your accountant. Take a look at the ways in which you could reduce your payable annual corporation tax below. Feel free to reach out to us through the enquire buttons.


Unforeseen events such as being unable to work due to injury, contracting a critical illness, or even death, can have a catastrophic impact on the finances of a family or a business.

Through Maven, you can efficiently implement a shareholder protection structure whereby, should the business face a catastrophic scenario, the share structure and autonomy of you and your fellow directors are protected. This tax-deductible strategy is used to reduce your business’s payable corporation tax.

Shareholder Protect


Having life insurance in business is a smart choice, ensuring that your business, your assets and the people closest to you are protected for the long run.

At Maven, we assist in ensuring that your life insurance policy is properly implemented and is being fully capitalised on as a tax-deductible expense in order to reduce your payable corporation tax bill.


Among the array of tax-deductible loans that businesses can use to reduce their annual payable corporation tax bills are commercial financing loans and mortgages.

At Maven, we assist businesses in incorporating these types of loans and financing options into a more comprehensive tax-efficient strategy. Helping them to reduce their payable corporation tax and manage their finances in a tax-efficient and profitable manner.

Will Writing


As a business owner it is vitally important that you are prepared for all eventualities such as dying or losing your ‘mental capacity’. How will your business continue to run or who will make important business decisions if you are unable to? What are your succession plans for the business? A comprehensive Will can help ease these concerns and help ensure your future wishes are met.

A Business Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to appoint suitable Attorneys to manage your business interests if you were to become ‘mentally incapable’. Whether that be a trusted Attorney, spouse or friend. Dying without a Will or losing ‘mental capacity’ without an LPA can cause significant stress to family, friends and business partners but is easily avoidable. Reach out to us today to find out how best to ensure that your wishes are guaranteed.

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