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Ensuring that your exit strategy is realised to its full potential is a timely process which requires expertise and financial savvy. We can assist with both forming a strategy and executing it from start to finish. Feel free to reach out to us using the ‘enquire’ buttons below to find out more.


Timing, valuation and market position are all key considerations when looking to sell your business. Knowing what purchasers are looking for and positioning your business correctly will assist with the sale and the value of your business. We can assist you in providing industry specific expertise, assisting in advice on all of the above.

Following an initial consultation, our experts can assist both potential sellers in the process of estate planning & the use of trusts, providing investment solutions to mitigate lost income, utilising existing / new strategies to maximise available tax reliefs and inheritance tax / succession planning. Likewise, our experts will assist potential buyers in sourcing finance for an acquisition, setting up business insurances to cover liabilities associated with debts incurred, implementing shareholder protection policies to protect each new shareholders’ interests and undertaking cash flow analysis for future corporation tax planning.



At Maven, our experts will work with you to prepare for a sale. Assisting your prospective purchasers in raising capital will ensure that the sale of your business happens as smoothly as possible and in the most tax efficient manner. We can assist clients in any position, whether they’re undertaking one of, or a combination of, any of the following:

– Full Sale

– Partial Sale

– Third-Party Sale

– Private Equity Purchase

– Management Buy-Out

– Asset Sale

– Employee Buy-Out


A challenge that many business owners face when selling their business is finding out that it isn’t as valuable as they thought it would be; this is often because the business relies too much on its owner. Preparing your business for sale and deciding on an exit strategy are essential when realising the true potential and value of your business. Our business coach will ensure that you prepare for the future whether you’re aiming for scale, sale or passive income. There are no shortcuts when increasing the value of your business and our coach will work to optimise every aspect of the business and push you to achieve your business goals.


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