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Our niche accountancy services are designed to complement the work that your accountant is already doing. Our specialists are focused on ensuring that the service they provide is market-leading and performed to the highest quality in order to bolster the financial positions of businesses around the UK. Feel free to find out more using the ‘enquire’ buttons below.


With an estimated £84 billion in unclaimed R&D tax credits in the UK. Small to medium sized businesses are often the last to see tax relief on their expensive projects due to hesitance around making a claim or disbelief at the idea that a claim could even be made.

At Maven, we provide expertise in the R&D legislation and claim process, allowing you to find out each and every tax year whether you are eligible to make a claim against your corporation tax bill for expensive projects or research undertaken in your business.

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Capital Allowence1


Capital allowance is tax relief that can be claimed against your taxable profit. Capital allowances may be claimed on most capital assets purchased, created, acquired, replaced or refurbished.

At Maven, our capital allowance experts assist you in calculating the value of your capital expenditure and create a HMRC compliant analysis and report for submission alongside your annual tax returns.

Clearly identifying expenditure against the various specific capital allowance categories, through our experts’ analyses, demonstrates that your assets qualify for capital allowance. Our aim is to maximise the level of tax relief available to you.


IR35 is the legislation that regulates how contractors are taxed, depending on how they work.

Although the legislation should ‘level the playing field’ between the employed and self-employed and ensure a fair taxation system, recent reforms to IR35 have caused widespread confusion and issues for the self-employed and have, consequently, left many genuinely independent contractors with no choice but to be taxed like an employee and take a pay cut.

At Maven, our IR35 offerings are vast and attractive. We have an extensive network of IR35 experts and service providers, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to each and every situation that a self-employed worker may be in when it comes to dealing with the issues that IR35 causes.

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Tax Efficient Payroll


Umbrella companies as a payroll solution allow contractors to leave behind the weekend stresses of organising expenses, books and self-assessment tax returns. With all your pay organised for you weekly through PAYE, you can concentrate on the work at hand and leave behind the back-end processes that come with contracting.

With the benefit of employment rights and holiday pay, a payroll company can be a very attractive option for contractors, however, doing your due diligence is important as payroll companies are unregulated and several have been exposed as withholding contractor’s holiday pay. Speak to other colleagues and experts to help you make the correct choice when switching to a PAYE model.

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